jueves, 20 de agosto de 2015

NSX 6.2.0 is ALIVE!!

Hails to the orde!!

Just two days after my birthday, NSX 6.2.0 it is GA, so what is new ::

Well basically is all about the vcenter domain boundaries, with this version you are able to do things like inter-vCenter LS,  vMotion with DFW how awesome is that??, well for a miserable dog like me is more value to add in engagement with customers, think for a moment in L2 extensibility and the pin in the ass to have all sync between sites, well that tens to be smooth as a charm with this, and what about SG's? well SRM and NSX are now very close friends (they did in the past but vRO was like the spiritual link between them ), why? well , NSX is now able to make DR plan to the easy level (kind of ), I will dear that we will se more DRaaS, stuff like that.....


If you like the guts approach, as I do, give a try the troubleshooting Official KB compendium, this is condense bunch of articles about troubleshooting on NSX, so here you go:

Hope have time to deep dive on those, stay tune hogs!!!

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