martes, 24 de septiembre de 2019

NSX-T the revolution continues : VCAP NV (NSX-T) Resources

Hello there,

during the last couple of months due to my engagements and little battles I take "a break"   to take a piece for the creation of the NSX VCAP Design based on NSX-T so I where there and realize that can do something not just by the seek or posting on everywhere I could but for trying to make things better for rothers, don´t get me wrong here, I just do what I think was the best to improve the exams so for example and here please take notes if you are in the preparation for the exam, this is not 1 then 2, then 3 steps, that is OK for admins and should know for sure, but what about from Designing per se? well  in this you need to THINK about and take care about the datils, think in the forest as somebody say and not just in the three, this can help you to take the best option and get the score, so besides reading the ExamGuide which is something that I strongly badly recommend to you, take a look on the design guides out there on the design references and ask your self WHY on every desition point, In my case as an old man I have to read a lot in order to take me to the action to understand this every time but I put my effort on making it simple, so here a good starting point from Amit Aneja Reference Designs on NVDs, so the special sauce on this is to understand very well the NVDS at all. 

Os this is tip of the iceberg and could sound either a cliche or a kind of abstract thing but if you need some mentorship ping me and will be happy to help you to tackle this goal.

PD. I'm not going to share with you deep secrets of the answers I'm going to share the way to pass it and not just give you the fish cooked.


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