lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2014

VCP-NV exam experience, lately tell...


In recent days I cleared the VCP-NV exam, so I am not good to tell things but this is my first try, well, to be honest, this is not a common VCP exam, and I not saying it is so difficult or something, I have a previous experience or been exposed to Networking Virtualization from vCloud Director Perspective, and also from vCNS purely and been consume by vCAC (vRealize for those purist of now), well I will tell you that all that help me a lot in order to pass, and feel confident, but also, I always scratch in the guts of every single point of blue print, even when in my past life I was a "LAN admin wanna be" as well as a SAN admin, ERP admin and so on so forth, some concepts where a kind of rusty maybe because destiny take me to the VMware side, anyway, I read and double read and try to understand every detail about blue print itself, to put in perspective, lets say a word "TRILL" in networking sense it is a protocol and you even do not need to know in detail at least for this exam, but as a dogmatic dude, I read all about the protocol in detail, at least to have the TRILL in context in my mind and have a good understanding of what the fuck mean in white papers.

So what I have to give to community, well a good advise, and could be to read if you do not understand at all, or even if you have the idea and not be sure enough,  I can put many sources here, but I think, and have a such enough to play with, also to confuse more and give you more stress in what you need to master in your way to be a NSX Ninja.

So I just want to talk about my experience in this exam, it is fair, just make all the Hands-on Labs regarding NSX and VDS, read the entire BP, check for all the VMware NSX confereces, if you are vexpert or such you have for free on or most of them are on youtube, take in acount every detail about details, bad words, everything, those guys like Max Ardica, Ray Budavari, venky, the Martin Casado itself (watch the video about "goldilocks zone")etc. takes you in a trip about NSX in such a way that feels realy easy to understand (after read like pig of course), the Design guide for NSX is your best friend or girlfriend or boyfriend, whatever, just read every time you have a free time, remember nothing happens with magic or special touch, but you the only thing you need to pass is sacrifice nights if you are in demanding work day like mine, and read (watch videos etc.), make it and moebius sptrip, read, practice, read, practice, eat, read, practice, eat again, reap practice,so on so forth, It works for me and will be used towards VCIX-NV exam again.

Have a try on studying for learn NSX, not for pass just an exam, and please do not be such a fool to consume dumps.

PD:If you think you need something to ask don't be afraid to contact me, I'm glad to help.

cya hogs!!


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