viernes, 3 de julio de 2015

Album mini-review (a jewel of Balck Metal)


This post is not related to my first passion, this is about something that makes my sense to feel good, I don't pretend to offend to anyone (if I do, sorry zorrillin), but this is what I like, some folks consider weird, but is an music style, or something like that, at the end is part of me since age of 14, when I discover something different and makes this life path more easy to take, this is black-metal, and this post I want to make a review from a record I bought late 2002, first like in other styles black metal has his genres, in this case this album is catalog like atmospheric black metal/depressive black metal/ folk black metal, so here is the front cover....


the band name is EVOL this band comes from (Padua 1993) Italy the members are:
Giordano Bruno (Prince of Agony) - Vocals, Keyboard
Suspiria (Princess of Disease) - Female Vocals
Samael Von Martin (Lord of Sorrow) - Guitar 
T-Rex (Marquis of Rex Tenebrae) - Bass
Demian de Saba (Count of Insanity) - Drums

For me this album was the master piece of EVOL (record release 2001), compose of their first woks, minimalistic music, a lot of Lovecraft, old ancient horror movies and scary tale from witches and necromancers, everything delighted joined with powerful style on every chant, if you can get it this is not music to play on your kids party, but it does not contain the monster loud voices of traditional Noriega  Black metal, at the end is something to listen and enjoy,  and enjoy the fasssade of the band in terms of pretend to scary with horrible names, after a while because it takes a while to understand the sense of the band, is theatrical and silly but like Bela Lugosi theatrical style, is a performance, just like that.

Like everything good in this world , has a ending, there is not EVOL anymore, but the leave a couple of live performance, and other albums as well.

Something to remember my youth witch take me on Black Metal Music, a little blog-post-tribute to this big big band!!

PD try to get in acetate, is the best way to listen Black Metal

So back to work and VMware stuff by now..

cya hogs!

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