sábado, 9 de enero de 2021

Just for the record...Machine Learning is AWESOME!


 hey folks

Jus to point you to something I did a time ago, not for fun but to satisfy the hunger for learning, check this repo and have fun improving it, si something simple for demoing Machine Learning Linear Regression for an estimate or forecasting on stocks -Yes I pretend to predict and make me rich :)-

Anyway have some fun learning something and you can chide me if you want since this is still a journey and I still on the journey and yes I can speak python!!! (only my mom cares so I'm a Kaggle master wanna be after failing my VCDX hahaha and as an exercise to heal myself) oh and by the way did you know that VMware can help you in how to put your models to work on top of your VMware infrastructure as a champ? well also how cool is it that VMware helps in your MLOps as well, anyway is about the power you can get from your infra on-prem.

PS here is the repo post link:



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